Drum Lifter

SRE 113

Cap-300 Kgs.
Max:200 mm

Less lifting force by a reliable hydraulic pump. Easier moving with two big size rollers and one caster wheel. New Model  FI - 022   DT250 Lifting Capacity (kg/lbs) 250/550 Lifting Height (mm/inch) 345/13.58 Lifiting Per Stroke (mm/inch) 22/0.87 Drum Size   572 mm (22.5"Diameter), 210 Lifters (55 gallon) Net Weight (kg/lbs) 42/93.


  • Lift and move steel/ Plastic drums easily, economically with the Kijeka Hydraulic Drum Truck
  • The Hydraulic Drum Lifter handles drums up to 22-1/2" in dia.
  • Lift height is 12-1/2" to the bottom of a standard 34-1/2"H Steel Drum
  • 11.25" Llift height- with 300 Kgs capacity
  • Two rigid and one swivel-locking caster for easy maneuverability.
  • Caster lock helps prevent accidental rolling.
  • Pallet truck-type pump handle takes the effort out of lifting drum
Product Code   SRE 113
Rated Capacity kg 300
Max. Lifting Height mm 200
Overall Height mm 915
Drum Size mm Ø572 ; 210 ltr
Self Weight kg 50